Casual Causalties

Don’t look now it’s a calamity
A full blown travesty
An endless disaster in perpetuity

A nightmare of confusion
A never ending delusion
Don’t ask for a conclusion

I’m corroding and eroding
Watching the world turning and burning
It’s erupting

Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run
Another casual casualty of a world undone



His hands

Cracked, worn, rough

From years of work and faithful service

And what did he get for such an effort

But a few tokens, and a tired and worn expression

That hung heavy on his face like a veil

The wrinkles and furrows of his face, deep as canyons

Each line telling a story

A story of work and faithful service

And nothing to show for it

The Storm

In the distance storm clouds brewed, swirling in a violent and unsettling manner, they coalesced and rose into the sky, spitting tongues of lightning out upon the Earth.

Immense fires burned on the horizon, sending up dark plumes of cancerous and acrid smoke that mixed with the storm in a dreadful and disconcerting way, turning the sky black and scornful.

I stood there some unknown distance away from the destruction, gazing at the sight—unmoving and unflinching.

I could not possibly tell when the storm would reach me, or what it would bring but I could see it nonetheless, skirting the horizon, approaching me silently and steadfastly in the distance.

Would I be ready for it?


I awoke into a nightmare.

A hellish landscape, denuded of vegetation and life was before me. The gray and black hues of cold dead steel and concrete greeted me, welcomed me into its maw. The sounds I heard were piercing, tearing at me, shrill mechanic screeches and high pitched hums, beckoning me to an embrace.

Everywhere I looked something or someone was screaming at me, willing me to do this or do that, live like this or live like that. I looked into the gutters and only saw the fetid, rotten remnants of those who came before me, their entrails, bone, and blood were mixed into a horrific mixture, 12,000 years in the making.

The buildings leaked blood and sweat, dripping down the facades of gray and black, flowing into the streets, mixing with the oil and soot that was everywhere. The air was filled with a dense suffocating fog, that obscured my view of the entire perverse spectacle. The smell was oppressive, the combined odors of human and machine, of life and death, of civilization and state.

I gazed upon the city and saw nothing for me, was sustained by nothing within it. I retched, fighting the urge to vomit at the bizarre scene splayed out before me. I wandered for years, aimless, lost, and confused. In my travels I saw an old, long dead decayed trunk of a tremendous tree. I touched it and it felt as cold and dead as the concrete and steel the surrounded it.

Wandering without aim, and thus exhausted, I collapsed into a heap on the sterile, dead sidewalks, that looked more and more like factory conveyor belts than ever. My head was laid upon the harsh, uncompromising concrete, jagged edges stabbing my head. I lay there, when I realized a small sapling or seedling was breaking through a crack in the cold dead concrete.

I stared at this miniscule thing, its colors, beautiful shades of greens and purples. I reached out my ever-so-weakening hand, trembling in excitement, and felt not the cold dead numbness of everything I had encountered, but the warm familiar touch of life.

I rolled onto my back and stared into the bleak, desolate, sky, at the ever present fog. I said my goodbyes to my green, lively friend, and breathed my last breath.

I fell asleep into life.



What will you eat when there is no fish in the sea?

What will you grow when the soil is too sterile for your seeds?

What will you sip when all the water is too polluted to drink?

Where will you find shade when all the trees have been cut down and removed on a whim?

What will you breath when the air is too thick and dusty to live?


It was built on an edifice of bones and blood; sweat and tears

Brick by brick; slave by slave

It towered to the sky, time after time

But one day it could go no further

The precipice had been reached

It began to teeter and totter, wobble and falter

Till one day it collapsed under its own fetid weight

Crushing the rich and poor alike

No one was spared from its might


I will not suffer for you.

I owe you nothing, am not indebted to you.

I will not labor for you, you are not my master.

I will not sacrifice myself to you, I am not your offering.


Do not suffer for me.

You owe me nothing, am not indebted to me.

Do not labor for me, I am not your master.

Do not sacrifice yourself to me, I will accept no offerings.


You wish to end all suffering?

You seem to have only perpetuated it everywhere with your myriad but failed attempts at explaining and understanding it.

I suffer because I have the power to suffer.

I do not experience any other suffering but my own suffering, that is mine because I feel it.

My suffering is my own, is my property.

I own my suffering as I own my joy, both experienced and felt by and through me.

You can never take my suffering from me, it remains my inalienable property, never to be taken or given.


I suffer for nothing.


Toil harder, toil faster

Doesn’t matter if it makes you sadder

Doesn’t matter if it makes you madder

Keep it moving, faster and faster


Quicker, quicker now

We need more, just look at all the numbers

Just look at all the data

Just look at all the buying rabble

Buy, sell, faster and faster


Hasty now, we need it much more rapid

You don’t work fast enough

Now we’ve had it

Happy that we own your sadness?

Find a new job, a new master, faster and faster


Surely it can’t keep on moving?

Surely it can’t keep on zooming?

Surely it can’t keep on cruising?

Faster and faster

Falling now, rafter by rafter, parameter after parameter


Machines are silent now, no more madness

Before there was sadness, now nothing but joyous laughter

No more idle work for others value


We had enough, now we have it

Our own lives, it’s all that mattered

We took it back, and now we’re laughing

We took it back, and now we’re dancing

A joyful life, no longer faster and faster


Work is dead, life is what I am after