Announcing the release of the book/journal “Annihilation” sometime in 2019. 

Containing old and rewritten, along with new works of art, poetry, and prose—and anything else we could pad the pages with. 

Covering a range of diverse topics, watch as we poke and prod, question, and deconstruct everything we can get our grubby hands on and our heads around. Nothing is sacred in our eyes.

Maybe we’ll find something new, or this will all be a waste of time! Come find out for yourself.

Stay tuned for more information.

Castanea Dentata



I’m out of step, unlocked my cage, over under through the rise, stampeding steadily, rest my head, can’t, keep moving, eyelid heavy, sweat bead dripping, my blood stiffs me

Huh, what’s that? Creeping up my chest, black lance laced fingers grazes caress, watching the heaving of my chest, the rise and depress

Lungs hot and heavy, laboring lately, grasping, gasping, no hands to catch me, instead they slap me and smash me, in a thrash you see

Stumbling now, cracks in the foundation flip me, on my back, it’s imminent now, they gonna stick me, can’t keep slipping, swept off my feet, now drifting

Isn’t it lovely? To be swept up in the sky, the leaves whisper outstretched beckoning on the sly, we’re just passing by they sigh; soon the leaf and I, dissipate; reanimate, locked in a desperate spiral, an infinite slide, winding beneath my feet; our roots, deep

We’re entwined, all of I and I, all the things that are mine, entombed in our embrace of soil and sky, one hell of a deoxyribonucleic high, can’t find it on the low down fly, on the side, only a straight mainline through the eyes

Just a moments peace, please, leave me to lie, there isn’t much time


Symbiosis is a long term and direct association, interaction, or relationship between two different individuals; usually living in close proximity.


An interaction or relationship between two different individuals which mutually benefits both individuals.


A relationship where the host individual lacks the power or ability to produce something vital or necessary to it – and of which the individual endosymbiont produces. The endosymbiont lives within the host.


An interaction or relationship between two different individuals where one individual benefits from the relationship and the other is not harmed or benefited.


Where one individual uses another individual for transportation.


Where one individual uses another individual as a place of habitation.


An indirect relationship where one individual creates or prepares beneficial environment for another individual.


An interaction or relationship where one individual is harmed or destroyed by the other individual, while the other individual is unaffected, or otherwise not directly benefited or harmed.


An interaction/relationship where one individual through its power deprives another individual of a vital or necessary resource.


An interaction/relationship where one individual creates some product that has the power to cause a harmful or negative effect on the other individual. The product has no direct effect on the creator – does not harm or benefit it – but the product may indirectly benefit the creator through reduced competition for shared resources.


An interaction/relationship where one individual benefits, while the other individual is harmed. The individual that is being harmed is the host and the individual that benefits is the parasite.


ENDOPARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the parasite individual lives within the host individual.

ECTOPARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the parasite individual lives on the host individual.

PARASITIC CASTRATOR: An interaction/relationship where the parasite individual destroys the ability of the host individual to reproduce itself.

PARASITOIDS: An interaction/relationship where the parasitic individual kills ordestroy its host individual, often for parasitic reproduction.

MICROPREDATORS: An interaction/relationship where the parasite actively seeks its host, and attack host individuals that are limited in their power to resist the parasites attacks.

HYPERPARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the parasitic individual uses another parasitic individual as their host.

SOCIALPARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the parasite takes advantage of the social interactions of its host often through mimicry.

BROOD PARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the parasite tricks its host to actively raising its young, usually by some level of deception.

KLEPTOPARASITSM: An interaction/relationship where the parasite steals resources from its host.

SEXUALPARASITISM: An interaction/relationship where the male is totally dependent on females of their own species for survival. The parasitic male is nourished and protected by the host female, the parasitic male provides sperm for female reproduction.


A parasite individual which is wholly dependent on its host for reproduction.


A parasitic individual which can act parasitically, but it is not dependent on the host for reproduction.


An interaction/relationship in which one individual mimics another to the benefit of the copier but at the detriment of the individual being copied.


we can hardly have peace

with all the working and struggling

no time to take a breath

with all the weight on our backs

we built this prison for ourselves

laid the walls with our sweat and blood

what has this world become?

The Greatest Trip

What is flowing through my veins

Chemical sensations make me feel

Disassociated, unreal

Desperately want to feel the real

(its out of reach, grasping at thin air, there was always nothing there)

Veil of Maya covering my face, am I an illusion?

The butterfly or the dreamer?

Simulation and simulacra?

A cosmic mistake or what the universe contemplates?

(birth, growth, decay)

Merely drifting through space, contemplating my place

No matter where I go, I’m exactly what I seek

No perfection to reach, I’m already there

No higher calling, smashing the ceiling

The greatest trip of all, life


I’m so surreal, strange realized, an absurd feel-ing

feral savage, iconoclast, anarchic, decadent

ill blast down them city walls, dance on the ruins, all the while singing my songs

concrete shards in my palms, shackles smashed, yet these fists remain unbroken, listen to my psalm

refuse to be contained, you think I’m deranged, probably insane

take your commands and demands; shame and pain; toss em in the bottomless pit that is flowing through my veins

not guilty I proclaim, judge me? I’m above and below right and wrong, antediluvian calm

watch it all roll off my back, slippery wet with blood and sweat from countless hours of slave work for the masters wealth, nothing sticking yet, whatchya get for your schlep?

world disgusts me, don’t touch me, I am erupting, stand back now, about to disrupt and corrupt thee

I’m sickly sweet, a forbidden treat, take a taste of the fruit, doom you to see the truth/untruth of all you feel

can’t forget what I’ve seen, can’t forget what I’ve been

all the sensual feeling and body you can be, I’m everything that I feel

a flow and flux personified, you can’t even quantify; contemplate these words quietly

I’m bout to go supernova

rising higher in the sky, a star so bright, it casts a shade in the night

black hole, stellar nursery, which way will I fight-to-flight?

sunset, sunrise, an ephemeral bloom, transience existence, a cautious embrace, love me

oh, what it is to be

Summer Breeze

The warmth of the suns rays graze my shoulders and chest, as the westerly winds blow gentle breezes through the strands of my hair

Leaves rustle in the air, beckoning me towards nothing at all, grasslands roll like waves on the ocean

The humble and lively insects and birds sing a million songs, filling the air with the sounds of a triumphant orchestra

I lay in the soft grass and drift slowly into a quiet deep slumber, I think to myself: I wish I never had to leave this place


Its reaching a fever pitch, crescendo rising

Its all a blur, chaotic, spinning faster and faster

Which direction do I go?

Shall we descend into hell or storm the gates of heaven?

Let us lay waste to both; fertilizing the earth with the bodies of all the angels and devils

In time I shall join them!