Max Stirner: Secondary Literature

This is a list of secondary works about Max Stirner, and his work, primarily “The Unique and Its Property”. This list is ordered by author last name.

Inclusion in this list does not indicate agreement or support for any of the positions or authors found in these texts.

Acosta, Alejandro de “How the Stirner Eats Gods” 

Blake, Trevor “Confessions of a Failed Egoist” 2014

”           ”             “Max Stirner Bibliography”

Bonanno, Alfredo M. “On Marx and Engels’ Non-Critique of Stirner”

”                 ”                     “The Theory of the Individual: Stirner’s Savage Thought” 1998

Camus, Albert “L’Homme révolté/The Rebel” 1951

Huneker, James “Max Stirner” 1909

Junger, Ernst “Eumeswil” 1977

Knudson, Ken “A Critique of Anarchist Communism”

Koch, Andrew M.  “Max Stirner: The Last Hegelian or the First Post-Structuralist?” [PDF]

”          ”                      “Poststructuralism and the Epistemological Basis of Anarchism”

Landstreicher, Wolfi “An Immense, Reckless, Shameless, Conscienceless, Proud Crime”

”                          ”          “Egoism Vs. Modernity: Welsh’s Dialectical Stirner”

”                          ”          “Nameless An Egoist Critique of Identity”

”                          ”         “Stirner, the Wise Guy” 2017

”                         ”         “Egoist Perpectives on Civilization”

Laska, Bernd “Nietzsche’s initial crisis: New light on the Stirner/Nietzsche question” 2002.

”            ”           “Dora Marsden, “The Stirner of Feminism”?”

”           ”            “Max Stirner, a durable dissident — in a nutshell”. 2000

Ludueña, Fábian “Max Stirner’s Political Spectrography”. Translated by Alejandro de Acosta.

Mackay, John Henry “Max Stirner: His Life and His Work”. 1919 [PDF] 

Marx, Karl “The German Ideology”. Written in 1845, published in 1932.

McLellan, David “Stirner, Feurbach, Marx and the Young Hegelians”

Mcquinn, Jason “Max Stirner: the anarchist every ideologist loves to hate” 

”                 ”         “Clarifying the Unique and Its Self-Creation: An introduction to        “Stirner’s Critics and “The Philosophical Reactionaries” [PDF]

”                ”         “John Clark’s Stirner: A Critical Review of Max Stirner’s Egoism” [PDF]

Moore, John “Lived Poetry: Stirner, Anarchy, Subjectivity, and the Art of Living”

Newman, Saul “Max Stirner” [PDF]

”                 ”         “Voluntary Servitude Reconsidered: Radical Politics and the Problem of Self-Domination”

”               ”           “War on the State: Stirner and Deleuze’s Anarchism”

”              ”            “Politics of the Ego: Stirner’s Critique of Liberalism”

Passamani, Massimo “Mutual Utilization: Relationship and Revolt in Max Stirner”

Schiereck, Larry Alan “Max Stirner’s Egoism and Nihilism” 1981, rev. 1996, 2015. [PDF]

Slaughter, Kevin “A Bible not Borrowed from the Neighbors: Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism”. Edited by Kevin I. Slaughter, various authors. 2012.

Taylor, Erana Jae “Tsuji Jun: Japanese Dadaist, Anarchist, Philosopher, Monk”

Welsh, John F. “Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism: A New Interpretation” 2010

Whitlow, Maynard “Max Stirner and The Heresy of Self-Abundance” 1950