The Greatest Trip

What is flowing through my veins

Chemical sensations make me feel

Disassociated, unreal

Desperately want to feel the real

(its out of reach, grasping at thin air, there was always nothing there)

Veil of Maya covering my face, am I an illusion?

The butterfly or the dreamer?

Simulation and simulacra?

A cosmic mistake or what the universe contemplates?

(birth, growth, decay)

Merely drifting through space, contemplating my place

No matter where I go, I’m exactly what I seek

No perfection to reach, I’m already there

No higher calling, smashing the ceiling

The greatest trip of all, life



I’m so surreal, strange realized, an absurd feel-ing

feral savage, iconoclast, anarchic, decadent

ill blast down them city walls, dance on the ruins, all the while singing my songs

concrete shards in my palms, shackles smashed, yet these fists remain unbroken, listen to my psalm

refuse to be contained, you think I’m deranged, probably insane

take your commands and demands; shame and pain; toss em in the bottomless pit that is flowing through my veins

not guilty I proclaim, judge me? I’m above and below right and wrong, antediluvian calm

watch it all roll off my back, slippery wet with blood and sweat from countless hours of slave work for the masters wealth, nothing sticking yet, whatchya get for your schlep?

world disgusts me, don’t touch me, I am erupting, stand back now, about to disrupt and corrupt thee

I’m sickly sweet, a forbidden treat, take a taste of the fruit, doom you to see the truth/untruth of all you feel

can’t forget what I’ve seen, can’t forget what I’ve been

all the sensual feeling and body you can be, I’m everything that I feel

a flow and flux personified, you can’t even quantify; contemplate these words quietly

I’m bout to go supernova

rising higher in the sky, a star so bright, it casts a shade in the night

black hole, stellar nursery, which way will I fight-to-flight?

sunset, sunrise, an ephemeral bloom, transience existence, a cautious embrace, love me

oh, what it is to be

Summer Breeze

The warmth of the suns rays graze my shoulders and chest, as the westerly winds blow gentle breezes through the strands of my hair

Leaves rustle in the air, beckoning me towards nothing at all, grasslands roll like waves on the ocean

The humble and lively insects and birds sing a million songs, filling the air with the sounds of a triumphant orchestra

I lay in the soft grass and drift slowly into a quiet deep slumber, I think to myself: I wish I never had to leave this place


Its reaching a fever pitch, crescendo rising

Its all a blur, chaotic, spinning faster and faster

Which direction do I go?

Shall we descend into hell or storm the gates of heaven?

Let us lay waste to both; fertilizing the earth with the bodies of all the angels and devils

In time I shall join them!

Ode to D.G.

Im down for boom, boom, boom

Come up and see me, but you’ll have to come up and get me

Walls all around, no where to move

Feels like a wheel, trapped inside

I wanna live my life, but no end in sight

Can’t know what I’m bout to do, fling myself around, what can I do?

I’m above my life now, below myself now

Somethings only I have seen, some people only I have been

Used to know who I was, oh yea, I’m temporary

Say No More

Dysphoric and euphoric — radical revelries — sanitized actuality — oh! how foul; rotten — off with the heads — a hydra; medusa — regenerates; recuperates; ravenous appetite — are we inside or outside — moving through space; interrupted pace — analytical confusion; shake thy fist — erratic movements; illicit solutions — de novo synthesis; antidote — eroding the condition — corroding the vision; end of ideal submission — thrashing against the wall(s); or go with the flow— gaze at the horrors; say no more?


Cybernetic dominion; algorithmic contingent; contagion spreading

Deceitful lies; indoctrinated eyes; lives utterly and totally designed

Images flash the pace always faster; what is real and what is imposter?

Confusion sets in; illusion; representation; delusion

Desire denied; why can’t it be realized?

Situations under control; report back to the master

Tick, tock, tick; pendulum is swinging; faster and faster

Supernova explode; complexity erodes; system down, overload

No lifeboat for this wreck; ships to far out from shore

Current pulling; taking me under

a tapestry

psychedelic membranes, caressing convolutions of consciousness

born into being; reaction catalyzed

creation and paradise denied; the abject and absolute horror

a breath of life; of whispering winds and tempests of suffering

the thread that binds all life

a tapestry of torment traveling through time

experience the steady spiral; of grains of sand

glimpse into the abyss, a daring leap; storm the sanctuary, destroy the keep

a dissonant and scornful song, a dance of seething rage

to bring discordance into harmony, and turn rhythm into chaos

to disrupt the function; and fracture the form

all time should end, all identity will rupture

polymorphic, unique; a decadent corruption

a self-destructive direction; the destination an immanent eruption

of feeling and fury; a tremble turned into a torrent

of desire and power realized and armed

to feel the singleness, the uniqueness

a flow, a wave, a ripple; an experience so divine and sublime

its mine

and when it ends; so do I