I awoke into a nightmare.

A hellish landscape, denuded of vegetation and life was before me. The gray and black hues of cold dead steel and concrete greeted me, welcomed me into its maw. The sounds I heard were piercing, tearing at me, shrill mechanic screeches and high pitched hums, beckoning me to an embrace.

Everywhere I looked something or someone was screaming at me, willing me to do this or do that, live like this or live like that. I looked into the gutters and only saw the fetid, rotten remnants of those who came before me, their entrails, bone, and blood were mixed into a horrific mixture, 12,000 years in the making.

The buildings leaked blood and sweat, dripping down the facades of gray and black, flowing into the streets, mixing with the oil and soot that was everywhere. The air was filled with a dense suffocating fog, that obscured my view of the entire perverse spectacle. The smell was oppressive, the combined odors of human and machine, of life and death, of civilization and state.

I gazed upon the city and saw nothing for me, was sustained by nothing within it. I retched, fighting the urge to vomit at the bizarre scene splayed out before me. I wandered for years, aimless, lost, and confused. In my travels I saw an old, long dead decayed trunk of a tremendous tree. I touched it and it felt as cold and dead as the concrete and steel the surrounded it.

Wandering without aim, and thus exhausted, I collapsed into a heap on the sterile, dead sidewalks, that looked more and more like factory conveyor belts than ever. My head was laid upon the harsh, uncompromising concrete, jagged edges stabbing my head. I lay there, when I realized a small sapling or seedling was breaking through a crack in the cold dead concrete.

I stared at this miniscule thing, its colors, beautiful shades of greens and purples. I reached out my ever-so-weakening hand, trembling in excitement, and felt not the cold dead numbness of everything I had encountered, but the warm familiar touch of life.

I rolled onto my back and stared into the bleak, desolate, sky, at the ever present fog. I said my goodbyes to my green, lively friend, and breathed my last breath.

I fell asleep into life.



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